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    Communication Gap in Relationship

    Communication Gap in Relationship

    Communication is perhaps the most important aspect of a healthy and successful relationship. If you are not being able to properly communicate with your partner, the relationship can become very stressful. This, in turn, may give rise to trust issues between you and your better half.

    Why is communication important?

    Communication is important for progress, and wellness of any relationship. A relationship based on honesty will sustain longer. According to a study on couples involved in high conflict divorces, it was observed that most of the couples did not communicate properly with each other. This led to lying, suspicion, cheating and even violence. On the other hand, couples who communicated freely had higher levels of happiness, clarity, and trust among themselves comparatively.

    Tips to improve communication:-

    Here are some ways to improve communication in any relationship:

    • Set aside some time to talk to your partner, where there are no distractions like phones, emails or TV. Try to communicate as clearly as possible. Talk about what is affecting you and tell your partner what you want.
    • Be positive while speaking and accept the responsibility of your feelings.
    • Listen carefully what your partner has to say and wait for your turn.
    • Focus on the present matters, and do not bring up the past.
    • It is best to approach the situation with calmness and patience, do not verbally attack the other.
    • At all times respect your significant other’s thoughts and opinions. Always be aware of your tone.
    • Put yourself in the shoes of your partner before judging them.
    • Don’t beat around the bush. Be clear about what you want to say to your partner.
    • Be honest when you speak. It helps to remove insecurities.

    Being able to communicate effectively shows how happy you are with your significant other. You should always look at matters from a perspective that helps the relationship in the long run.

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