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    Career Counselling (Students & Careers)

    We counsel students who lack motivation to study by enlightening them on the absolute importance of education,making them realise intersts and helping them set long-term goals for a successful future.We also teach students techniques to enhance their memory,concentration and confidence levels through pranaYoga.We help them deal with examination stress,peer-pressure etc.,and have the mental balance to focus effectively on their studies.

    We make the students understand what their strengths are and what fields intersest them.We establish what career options are right fo them,and drive them towards those paths.Nearly all the students who have come to us are highly successful in their chosen careers paths today.

    Stress is also laid on the overall personality development of an individual by working on his confidence levels,self esteem,communication skills, overall persona,teaching him how to attract pepole and bulid healthy relationships anywhere in the professinal world.We also help them deal successfully with major stressors at workplace like workload,problems with colleagues or bosses,frustration with working environment,feeling undervalued,competition & politics,lack of job satifaction,Monotony,Odd timings etc.,


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