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    • 01 JAN 19
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    Toxic Relationships – Knowing The Symptoms Of It!

    Toxic Relationships – Knowing The Symptoms Of It!

    Relations are sweet, emerging, encouraging, and invigorating when there is love in them. Love brings with its feelings of caring for each other and sharing of emotions as well as things. But every relation may not have an element of love. Such relationships don’t last for long and become toxic in some time.

    When a person is in a relationship, he/she don’t have any idea of where they are going. Everything seems rosy and the person may get carried away with love. But there may not be any love in the relationship at all. One needs to get rid of such relationships; the sooner the better. It is okay to get stuck in relationships, but if the person thinks that it is not going anywhere, he/she needs to cut it short. There is always a new opportunity at the end of a dark tunnel. But how does one know which relationship is toxic and which is not? Here is a guide on toxic relations.

    Becoming Aggressive

    If the person has seen his/her partner become aggressive at times, but are taking it lightly, think again. The person needs to tell his/her partner that this is not a way to talk. If he/she is still getting more aggressive, the person is no longer comfortable with such partners. One has lost the bond that makes up a relationship. It is better to give it a miss.

    Engaging in Blame Game

    To err is human, but to blame the partner for a fault of one’s own is engaging in a blame game. Jealousy too may have its part in the relationship. However, if one is experiencing excessive jealousy on the part of a lover, it is not okay. It erodes the trust that is paramount in a relation. People don’t have anything to hold on to in this relationship. Let us give it a miss.

    Criticizing at Every Other Step

    Nobody is perfect, but partners need to learn how to live with the imperfections of each other. It helps them to bond better and grow the feeling of love between them. If partners are criticizing every other step, one knows it; the love has gone in thin air. It has become a toxic relationship now. Had it been a positive criticism that helped get a step closer to perfection, one would have loved it. In a toxic relationship, criticism is done to express contempt for the partner, and not otherwise. There is no point sticking to such relations. It may well be a waste of time.

    Arguing, But Not Communicating

    If both the partners are yelling over each other and it is not getting anywhere, then the person is in a toxic relationship. In such a relationship, the persons are not in a state to communicate with each other effectively. The toxic relationship will not offer that person much. Don’t get upset and argue. Rather, cheer up and set on to forge a new relationship.

    People may suffer depression, lose their self-confidence, don’t trust other person, or may destroy personality; in such cases one needs to visit a counsellor. Counselling may help the person to get out of the toxic relationships and move on in life happily and effectively

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