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Employee Assistance Workshops:

We have observed that lately, employees especially employees working in corporate organisations are prone to immense amount of stress and problems balancing work and personal life. To address this problem we have come up with a unique programme to address the psychological needs of the employees.Our corporate workshops especially cater to the unique needs of the employees of that particular company. We help employees deal with personal and professional concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, stress, balancing work and personal life, low self-esteem, self-confidence and a range of other emotional conditions that affect their overall well-being. Pranayoga Counselling is a form of Psychological Yoga devised exclusively by us which has proven to show quick results in resolving problems and to improve the quality of life. Thousands of our clients have benefitted from Pranayoga.

We also offer extended one-one counselling in a highly confidential environment which will give the employees the opportunity to ventilate their problems like:

    • Family/Relationship problems
    • Parenting issues
    • Work concerns
    • Career Concerns
    • Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Any other issues

If you would like to empanel your company with us and gain access to excellent treatment, contact us on +91-9553662224 or mail us atchallascounsel@gmail.com to discuss further on our programmes.

Motivational Programs for Students:

We here at Challa’s Counsel give special importance to children’s emotional needs to be understood and to ventilate. We address both the parents and children on various issues troubling the children. We enlighten parents about their children to help them own their children”. We are well-equipped in conducting variety of Psychological Assessments for children which help in identifying the presence of any learning disabilities and disorders, and subsequently providing effective treatment for various Psychological Disorders.

We deal with a variety of issues among children especially:

  • Poor concentration
  • Memory problems
  • Learning difficulties or disabilities
  • Reading, writing or math problems
  • Growing up problems of Adolescents
  • Disorientation in terms of goals/ambitions

Many other issues concerning children and adolescents
Pranayoga again has proven to give best results especially in terms of dealing with concentration, memory problems among students.

If you need counselling help or support, Please do contact us on +91-9553662224 or mail us at challascounsel@gmail.com to discuss any of our services.